Original Honeybear Smoking Set

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Our Original Honeybear Smoking Set includes your 16 oz honeybear smoking chamber, an aluminum downstem assembly with rubber grommet, a removable metal bowl with plastic fingerpiece, a decorative collectors box. Only 1,000 made, limited edition.

Easy to Use
Using your honeybear is as simple as adding water to the top of his hips, adding your smoking materials, lighting while inhaling and then removing the bowl by the fingerpiece while inhaling in order to clear the honeybear of smoke.

Easy to Clean
Cleaning your honeybear requires nothing more than a little rubbing alcohol, some salt, a resealable plastic bag and a sink or hose. Check out our cleaning instructions for more details on how to get your bear clean as a whistle in a few minutes.

Did we mention there is a 6 month warranty on all parts? The only thing we don't cover are heat related accidents (not dishwasher safe). Otherwise these things can withstand hard drops and falls or spills without a problem.

This product is for adults only! Anyone under the age of 18 (or 21 where applicable by law) is forbidden from purchasing this product.